Project: Design a simple music synthesizer and music transcriber on a computer and develop a “signature” sound


Can you name this tune from it’s spectrogram?
(scroll down for answer)

This section will teach you to analyze music the way an engineer would analyze an unfamiliar phenomenon.  Motivated by observation of musical signals, you will learn the basics of Fourier signal analysis and synthesis – a tool used in many engineering fields, such as Biomedical, Environmental, Earth Systems, Computer and Electrical Engineering as well as Computer Science.  There are two projects: (1) analysis of touch-tone phone signals and design of touch-tone analyzers and synthesizers on a computer; and (2) a simple music synthesizer and music transcriber that produces a musical-staff-like transcription from .wav files of synthesized music, also on a computer. Both of these projects allow you to apply learned signal processing techniques to analyze, design and test a solution to an open-ended problem.The figure above shows an engineering representation of a well-known song in a spectrogram– can you tell what it is?  (see below for the answer and hum along!)

Absolutely no previous knowledge of music is necessary. While previous programming experience is not necessary, it can be helpful.  All programming skills will be taught in this course.  Please note, this is NOT a composition or performance arts technology course.

Answer:  The Victors