Cool Green Food Delivery

Project: Design a packaging method to deliver groceries in a safe, inexpensive, and environmental manner 

Especially in these COVID-19 times, many people are having their groceries delivered. This typically involves portable refrigeration in the form of some sort of ice packet and insulation. The ice packet adds significant weight and the insulation adds significant bulk. We may be interested that the ice, insulation, and the surrounding container be responsibly sourced and recyclable. Food items usually need higher or lower storage temperatures. Some delivery locations and times might need more refrigeration capacity.  How do we optimally package all this?

Throughout the semester, students will learn technical communication, creative problem solving, and teamwork. The students will report on the thermal and structural experiments and perform cost analysis. They will also make a presentation on what it means to be recyclable, returnable, or disposable. This requires examining a growing and complex process in an appropriately simple way.