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   Section  Description Fall Winter
 biomedical.png 100 Mechanics and Materials in Design Investigate and analyze an orthopedic implant or medical device and design it to be better x x
  150 A River Runs Through It  Design a habitat restoration solution for a local stream with building and testing of prototypes    x
  150 Drinking Water Quality Research and measure contaminants in drinking water sources, and choose an effective device for removal x  
  200     x  
 real_world.jpg 200 Design in the Real World  Design, build, and test a first-generation prototype for a new product or process for solving a problem to improve quality of life   x
  250  Microprocessors and Toys: An Introduction to Computing Systems Propose, design, build, and demonstrate your own microprocessor-based educational toy   x  
  300 Food Science and Engineering Recreate a popular food product, and work with a local or national food company on an industry-relevant case study  x  
 400 &  410 Self-Driving Cars, Drones, and Beyond: An Intro to Autonomous Electronic Systems Learn, develop, and implement key functionalities in autonomous electronic systems to manage sensing, data acquisition and processing, and motion control x


Engineering Composites Design, build, and test composite materials to meet design challenges


wind-turbines17  450 Green Engineering – Harnessing the Wind Design a renewable wind energy system to power a north campus community demonstration project   x
biotechn_new.jpg 500 Biotechnology, Human Values, and The Engineer Conduct an investigative study for a real client (the University of Michigan School of Medicine) to design a test capable of detecting a disease before the onset of symptoms x  
500 Designs in Nature and Engineering Design, build, and test composite materials to meet design challenges   x
IMG_4521  600 Underwater Vehicle Design Design, build, and test a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) that is fast and highly maneuverable underwater, driven by a video game controller-type control box of your own design x x
 greatergood.jpg 650 Gaming for the Greater Good  Design a video game for a child with a cognitive or physical disability  
 aerospace 700 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering Design a Venetian, High-Altitude-Earth, Martian, or Titan surveillance airship, and design, build, and fly a terrestrial model x x
800       x  
  850 Engineering Biological Systems Design, build, and test a novel process to produce a biotechnological or biopharmaceutical product   x  
Weather balloon 950 Electronics for Atmospheric and Space Measurements  Design, build, test, and deploy atmospheric and remote sensing instruments on a high-altitude weather balloon   x