Manufacturing and the Society

Project: Program the path of an ABB Industrial Robot to guide a paintbrush for automatic painting or writing. Learn the automation and the impact of automation in manufacturing and the society. Create the holder using the computer-aided design software, and 3D-print the paintbrush holder.

Manufacturing is the cornerstone of our society and is essential for economic growth and good paying jobs. To be competitive worldwide in advanced manufacturing, industrial automation is the key. Industrial robots are the key enabler of automation that is critically important in production operations. This course is focused on the programming and applications of industrial robots in manufacturing and its impacts on the society. An ABB IRB 140 Industrial Robot is the platform for student teams to practice programming robots. The six topics of lecture are:

  1. assembly line and quality control,
  2. automation and manufacturing systems,
  3. computer-aided design (CAD),
  4. computer-aided manufacturing (CAM),
  5. key components, controller, and sensors of the robot, and
  6. advanced manufacturing and society

Five experiential learning labs will be covered in this course:

Lab #1 Programming of the ABB IRB 140 with a Sharpie pen to draw the block M (see two photos below and a video in this link)
Lab #2 Learning the SolidWorks CAD software to create solid 3D objects
Lab #3 Learning the Cura CAM software for 3D-printing
Lab #4 Practice 3D-printing at Duderstadt Center’s Fabrication Studio
Lab #5 Programming the ABB IRB for a brush painting/calligraphy with a 3D-printed paintbrush holder. Examples of the ABB robot in such applications can be found in the following links on paintbrush writing and calligraphy. Student teams need to 3D-print a holder for the paintbrush and program the ABB IRB 140 to create the motion of the paintbrush to paint an artwork in an 8.5-inch x 11-inch paper sheet.