Food Science and Engineering

Project: Recreate a popular food product and work on an industry-relevant case study with a local or national food company

In this section of Engineering 100, students will learn about the basic scientific and engineering principles involved in food science and engineering. The first part of the class will focus on food preparation, exploring the chemical properties of food that allow us to taste, cook, and bake. The second part of the class will focus on food production and the engineering principles needed to properly develop, manufacture, and store food on a large scale. 

Laboratory work will involve hands-on exploratory projects, such as investigating the roasting and brewing processes to make coffee or how to properly temper chocolate. Coursework will include two team design projects. The first will involve recreating a popular food product, within different scientific constraints: teams may have to make a product vegan or gluten free or adjust ingredients to make the product development more economical. The second team project will involve working with local or national food companies, including Zingerman’s and General Mills, on an industry-relevant case study.