Global Water Solutions

Project: Design and build a rainwater harvesting system

rainwater harvest-350

This section of ENGR 100 will focus on issues pertaining to water quality and quantity across the globe and how engineering solutions can be used to solve a range of problems pertaining to water. In an increasing number of developing and developed countries, water scarcity and quality is a growing concern, and in some places it is reaching crisis status. Students who take this class will learn about the most pressing issues pertaining to water access and quality through a series of case studies, with topics including (but not limited to): water resource management; sanitation; resource recovery from waste water; evaluating sustainable solutions; centralized versus decentralized solutions to urban water systems; and rainwater harvesting. Student projects will be focused on designing and constructing prototype rainwater harvesting systems for either a developing or developed world scenario, and evaluating the environmental impact of their design. This section meets the requirements for an engineering class (List A) that counts toward the Specialized Study in Sustainability Engineering.