Biomedical Engineering and Human Values in the Age of COVID-19

Virtual Design Project: Conduct an investigative study for a real client (practicing clinicians or researchers) to design a diagnostic test, a novel biomedical device, or a healthcare solution.

As COVID-19 impacted the globe, the value of biomedical engineers has only become more evident.  Biomedical engineers have the potential to impact the world’s approach to COVID-19 at all levels, including but not limited to scientific discovery, diagnostics, therapeutics, devices, manufacturing, and commercialization. Students will work within a design team for a real client (one of the clinicians or researchers affiliated with the University of Michigan School of Medicine or other nearby institutions) to design a diagnostic test, a novel biomedical device or a healthcare solution.

Students enrolled in this class will learn about the design process in the context of COVID-19, examining the broad scope of biomedical engineering from a molecular to systems level. Students will experience the complex dynamics that govern the development of engineering solutions to life science problems. The course includes hands on opportunities to learn laboratory techniques used in the diagnosis of COVID-19 and design physical devices using computer aided design. We will also explore the economic, legal, social, and ethical implications of biomedical innovations. This course will be exciting, and fast-paced; thus, it will be demanding. Prior success in high school biology is strongly recommended. If you are interested in pursuing a degree in biomedical, chemical engineering, or the healthcare industry, this course is a good fit. We hope that you will join us for an invigorating semester.