Urban Mobility

Project: Design a new product to improve mobility on campusmobility

On a college campus, mobility is typically achieved by public transportation, bicycle, personal automobile, or by human power. When you leave your dorm and head off to class with books, bags, and possibly a coffee, how do you get yourself and your belongings from one end of campus to the other? Will it work as well when the snow and sleet hits campus? Is your current mode of transportation sustainable?

In this section of Engineering 100, we will use the design process to make improvements in urban transportation within the context of global engineering and socially responsible engineering.

For your final project, your team will propose ideas for a new product or improved design of an
existing product that would enhance mobility on campus. You will talk to potential customers to
find out what issues students have with transportation on campus and identify opportunities
for socially responsible product or infrastructure improvements. We will also look at global
influences on the development process and their effect on design decisions.