Continuous Improvement and Operations Management

Project: Redesign an operations process using continuous improvement principles

There is always room for improvement especially in the daily operations of various processes. Continuous improvement in processes and operations focuses on consistently applying methods that seek to improve the quality of a product or service. This class provides an overview of engineering design and continuous improvement principles as applied in the production of goods or services in operations management.

In this section, students will learn about continuous improvement principles and processes typically used in industrial, operations, and systems engineering applications. In a team-based project, students will assume the role of engineering consultants hired by a client to improve an operations process. Your team will conduct an investigative study of the operations process and use continuous improvement principles to design, analyze, evaluate, and propose improvements that increase operational productivity. Students will address and redesign real-world operations using the engineering design process, waste analysis, time studies, total quality management, and other continuous improvement processes.