Electronics for Atmospheric and Space Measurements

Project:  Design, build, test, and deploy atmospheric and remote sensing instruments on a high-altitude weather balloon

In this class, students will learn how to use a systems approach to build a sensor board using a micro-controller to take both in situ and remotely sensed observations of a high-altitude environment. The topics will include:

  • Sampling the sensors and storing the data on-board
  • Designing and building simple circuits for these types of applications
  • Writing programs for controlling the sensors and data on the micro-controller as well as plotting the stored data on a computer
  • Testing the system that they build for robustness
  • Deploying their system in different places
  • Learning and applying flight procedures and best practices for high-altitude balloon flights
  • Processing and interpreting the sensor measurements post-launch

The payloads that are built and tested will be deployed on a high-altitude balloon launch, in which the payloads will be carried to about 100,000 ft. altitude, and the students will analyze the data that they collect from the boat launch.

Printed circuit boards provided by Advanced Circuits