Robotics Mechanisms

Project: Hands on designing, building and testing of a teleoperated, mobile, material handling robot. 

Robots are becoming more integrated in today’s society, from the medical industry to the service industry to daily life. But how do these robots work and how are they developed? During this course, students will learn how to build one type of robot – a mobile robot – from the nuts, bolts, bits, and booleans all the way up to system level integration and testing. Through a set of 7 labs, students will learn all of the maker-shop skills necessary to design and build their robots including CAD (Computer-Aided Design), 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Circuit Design, Fabrication, and Soldering. Students will be exposed to basic programming which will be done on an Arduino Microcontroller using C++ and a Raspberry Pi using Python. The final team project will involve students designing and building a manipulator to add to their mobile robot for material-handling.

The class will be offered for both in-person and online formats (equally split). All students will receive a robot kit to work with regardless of their format. 

Tentative Lab Schedule

  1. “C.N.C. I’m Dynamite!”(Instrumentation orientation) 
  2. “Motors and Servos and LEDs, oh my!” (Electronics introduction)
  3. “Going 3 Dimensional” (Design, CAD, and 3D printing)
  4. “Putting it together!” (Assembly of the Robot)
  5. “Can you hear me?” (Communication)
  6. “Are we there yet?” (Tel-op & High-Level Control)

Final Team Project: Manipulator Design & Testing